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Northern Ireland pub scene'Many thanks for a truly wonderful understanding of your beloved North.' 
Michael O'Sullivan, Biographer & Broadcaster, Dublin

'Thank you for your warm hospitality and letting us see through the great windows of Ulster.' 
Daniel Cleary, Poet & Writer, New York

'Thanks for providing such a wonderful insight into Northern Ireland, I hope we can send many of our clients to your country to experience its beauty and the friendliness of its people. '
Joan Coupe-Osbon, Director, American Society of Travel Agents

'Many thanks for your friendship and your encyclopedic knowledge of Northern Ireland. I'm not a praying person but I'll give it a try if it will help make the current "peace process" a lasting one.' 
Geoff Scholes, Australian Travel Writer

'Thanks for a wonderful four days in Northern Ireland. My clients were so impressed with your knowledge, poetry and great sense of humour.'
Audrey Johnston, President, Royal Tours (Canada ) Ltd

'Ken, thanks for your company, humour and knowledge. You have made a new fan for your beautiful country.'
Monica Heary, Features Writer, Australian Daily Telegraph

'Thanks for your understanding, integrity and lack of bias while showing me around West Belfast. I will remember the experience.'
David Mellor, Member of Parliament. & Broadcaster

'Ken, thanks for showing me around the cities of Belfast and Derry and for my first taste of Guinness. I will retain good memories of you and your green, green country.'
Vanisa King-yan Lau, Oriental Daily News

'Thank you for your knowledge and enthusiasm for the work we all share, making Northern Ireland's tourist industry flourish.'
Annette Cunningham, President ASC International, New York

'What a wonderful journey through Northern Ireland. My clients loved your poetry and gentle humour and the stories which seemed to lie around every corner.'
Harriet Freidlander, President of Academics Abroad, New York

'Thanks for the wonderful memories, you really made Ireland come alive for us all.'
Joe & Barbara Del Torto, Santa Barbara, California

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